That time of year…..but it is still 70 deg!

So I just got the kiddo’s enrolled for racing this season, and in lessons, I have started ordering my product for this season, renewed my ski locker in the basement of the local lodge (Crystal Mountain Resort).  Only one problem.  It is October 10th, and it is nearly 70 degrees out.  10 degrees higher than normal.  So weird!  I am actually ready for winter.  Easy to say after coming off the best Seattle summer in, well, as long as I can remember!

I do know I have nothing to worry about, the snow will fly, and the bull-wheels will be turning soon, but wow, really? 70deg today!  I guess I will just have to enjoy it!  Hello Seattle, let’s play!IMG_1272

Dalbello LUPO SP ski boot [2014/2015]

So, I skied on the KR2 PRO all last season and loved it, and I think I will like this model even more because of the hiking features. Features especially important on this boot is the rubberized sole, and the walk mode.

Full review to come soon, once we get some new snow!  Buy Now!  BACKCOUNTRY.COM  $679 

What it is: Dalbello SP Lupo FREE-RIDE boot. New to the Dalbello line for 2013/2014.

dalbello-logo_webhopper ski dalbello SP lupo


Boot Technology
– Shell / Cuff / Tongue: PU / PU / PA
– NEW Cuff with Integrated Ski/Hike
– Center Balanced Stance
– Twin Canting
– NEW Rubber Clad Hike Sole
– Replaceable Toes/Heels
– Buckles: F11 Alu – 3 Micro Adj+ 1 Inverted

This boot has been my favorite boot for the season, and years to come!

Past Dalbello Reviews:  KR 2 pro 2013/2014

20131022-175639.jpg 20131022-175407.jpgNervous!  Please don’t hurt my LUPOS!20131219-221849.jpg