Published in Hotel Bellevue Magazine

I recently had the privilege of being featured in the Bellevue Club/Hotel Bellevue magazine, Reflections Magazine!

The shoot took place last season at Crystal Mountain Resort with photographer Mike Stolp-Smith.



The northwest has been getting hammered the last few weeks with storm after storm after storm!  It has been quite a season thus far! Recently photographer Mike Stolp-Smith and I went deep into the backcountry at Crystal Mountain Resort in search of some remaining goods!

That time of year…..but it is still 70 deg!

So I just got the kiddo’s enrolled for racing this season, and in lessons, I have started ordering my product for this season, renewed my ski locker in the basement of the local lodge (Crystal Mountain Resort).  Only one problem.  It is October 10th, and it is nearly 70 degrees out.  10 degrees higher than normal.  So weird!  I am actually ready for winter.  Easy to say after coming off the best Seattle summer in, well, as long as I can remember!

I do know I have nothing to worry about, the snow will fly, and the bull-wheels will be turning soon, but wow, really? 70deg today!  I guess I will just have to enjoy it!  Hello Seattle, let’s play!IMG_1272