Leki Poles (2013) review

i like:

Leki Poles style: “Roc’s Free” scene in picture, with green handles)

Leki Gloves (style: “Elements”)


These poles are light, comfortable and modern. The interface with the glove and pole is revolutionary!
I am very impressed with Leki’s modern graphics also!!! The baskets are durable, and the best part is how easy it is to swap baskets. I have found myself swapping baskets going from hard pack to powder on a recent trip to Whistler. I am still an advocate of traditional pole sizing, vs. the short poles scene today on may young riders, that is mainly because I am in the back country more than the park, being from the Northwest and all.

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The gloves I am currently using are Leki’s Element. Super cool graphic design on the palm, very comfortable neo material with a 60% leather wrap.  They fit snug and have two straps for tightening, an “over-sized” Velcro strap (over-sized for a “gloved” hand) and a traditional webbing strap over the forehand.  Brilliant!  The interior of the glove has a very comfortable feel.  I noticed the palm had a “grippy” feel, almost causing my glove to stick to the pole handle.  And I love teh modern graphics.


I have not had a chance to try these in extreme cold conditions, but here in the Northwest, we rarely see extreme, and often in the past I am having a problem of my gloves being too warm, so the Elements are a perfect in between!! It was about 29 deg F and they were warm!!