BOOSTER strap review

(click on the photo to check out booster straps site)So, I just installed the Booster Strap on my old boots (my new boots are the KR2 PRO by DALBELLO) …….my velcro one kept having to be tightened every hour or so. The Booster Strap never has to be tightened very little through out the day! The Booster Strap wraps around the boot cuff top to secure the lower leg, eliminating the need to over-tighten buckles or laces. The Booster instantly improves ski control by dynamically “bonding” the calf to the boot, providing increased rebound power and turn initiation precision. All Models have a metal cam buckle for super-easy closure. Who uses it? The Booster is worn by Olympian Bode Miller and freeskier Peter Olenick.

I really felt like my ski control did improve. Not only did my boots feel as though they fit better, but I had that “beginning-of-the-day-solid-boot-fit” all day!

Below: my old boot (my new boot is the KR2 PRO) with the Booster Strap installed!