An Ode to Old Skis

Well, I finally unmounted some old faithful friends, and attached then to my garage wall (only place wife would allow) as permanent fixtures of good times had together. It was a mixture of emotions as I unmounted each binding, revealing the scarred surface where they once clung tight and secure so faithfully for many years. Turning over the backside of the ski I could remember each and every base wound from bouts with rocks and battles with boulders. I remember late night attempts to heal these wounds with the sweet-smelling medicine of p-tex, and the healing ointment of a proper wax.
Old skis: I owe so much more to you than words could say. Let your proud early -mid-90’s graphics forever glow in my heart and may you stand proud now secured to my garage wall.  Out of the utmost respect I vow to never make you into a chair, a sled, a fence (how humiliating), or any other use you were never intended for. And I promise to never do the unimaginable act of abandoning you to the local Goodwill. Maybe someday we will ride again for perhaps a 90’s themed ski day, but until that day, I will always remember you and the times we shared. Rest peacefully old friends, rest peacefully.


My wall of fallen warriors. MIA: K2 TNC’s, Salomon 1s’s (orange and pink one’s), K2 MSL’s, and many more.