My new goggle’s: ARNETTE skylight

Ever have a goggle that fits like a glove? Well, veteran eyewear manufacturer Arnette has done it! And they call it the Skylight!  That is no BS (blind spot)!


No more small little gap between my hemet {the “gaper gap”} and goggles anymore….and no more feeling like I need to constantly shift my goggles down out of my eye’s!  Maybe I have a big face and finally found an XXL goggle….yeah that’s it!  Or maybe Arnette just nailed it with this design and function?  Yeah, that’s it!  Either way, for me the Skylight is a match made in heaven!

photo: matt small | location: crystal mountain resort

SKYLIGHT in action…photo: matt small | location: crystal mountain resort

Remember back when 3-4 big name goggle companies ruled?  Then came the first “alternative goggle company”: Arnette.  Well, they are back!  Arnette is posing a comeback and it is no surprise since they were acquired by the giant eyewear company that starts with an O {any guesses?}.  They are still primarily focused on sunglasses, and more of the “summer X-Games” type action sports for their target market, but the goggle effort put forth is a steller familiar site we are all used to seeing on the slopes.   And for me, I am personally excited to see them back!  (photos by Matt Small at Crystal Mt)

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The new “Skylight” by Arnette is the company’s foray into the world of bigger goggles. Bigger is better.  Arnette’s No-BS (blind spot) tech offers an impossibly large field of vision (HUGE!) without adding unnecessary bulk.  And with a ton of vents, moisture-wicking triple layer foam and anti-fog lens coating, the Skylight is built for all-day comfort and performance.  I wear the Skylight’s with an I/O lens, and could not be happier with them.

Keep a close eye on Arnette, they have some exciting things up their sleeve for 2013!