2013/2014 Arnette SKYLIGHTS & WINDSHIELD! Sneek peek!

ARNETTE 2013/2014 “product-peek”:
Both goggles feature the no BS (blind spot) and over sized look, with out the bulk.

I have enjoyed my Skylights this season, and must agree, there is no blind spot!  The WINDSHEILD is not quite so oversized, but is still a very nice fit.


Description from the factory:
“Big on vision, not on bulk. No-BS (Blind Spot) technology & toric lens provide an optimized field of vision, with or without a helmet, while the F#%G OFF! lens coating and Cool Breeze venting keep it fog-free.”

The SKYLIGHT is amazing.  My favorite, and fits perfect with my Pret Helmet!

The WINDSHEILD was extremely comfortable, a smaller goggle by design, but still carried the “no BS” properties, ensuring no field-of-vision is lost for the rider.