Camelbak’s “Gambler” pack review

Review of the Gambler pack by Camelbak was performed at Crystal Mountain Resort by Brian Hopper. Photos by Matt Small. (jan 2013)

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200 cu”

The Gambler pack is your perfect little “chute pack”. What I mean by that is it is ideal for the “minimalist skier”. Transceiver…..check. Probe……check. Clif bar…..check.
Shovel……check. And that is about all it will hold. Yup… Oh, of course besides the 3 liters of water to get you through most any ski day. Really…do you need more for your average day? Not me.
This is the back that you will forget about. There is not a problem riding the chair with this one on. Case and point: While loading High Cambell chair at Crystal Mountain Resort last week, I took the pack off prior to loading (to get an item). The friendly lifty jested, “really didn’t need to take that pack off did ya!” He was right. I rode the rest of the day with out taking it off and did not eve realize it was on. Summary: This pack is small. Some may say too small. But don’t forget Camelbaks intent (which is genius) is to keep you from being that guy who carries every little thing possible while skiing in bounds all day!
The Gambler (perhaps names after the Tahoe legend) gets my vote as my preferred daily-driver-essentials-only pack!


Gambler pack in action! Location: Crystal Mountain | Photo: Matt Small


Pack with shovel…. this shovel is a little older, with the longer handle, which sticks out a bit more. I did not have shorter handled shovel, but I am confident it would not stick out as far. Skiing with it like this all day, it was not even noticeable however.


Not shown: An inside pocket which held my BCA DTS very nicely.
Also, the side of the pack is perfect for a probe.


The nozzle. Despite the exposed plastic, the nozzle did not freeze up on me in the 23 deg temps….



The pack stayed snug and tight even through a double ejection!

The pack stayed snug and tight even through a double ejection!


The fit was very nice. Excellent padding, in all the right places.


Outer pocket had enough room for keys, wallet, and a couple clif bars/shots.

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