in the storm


19″ new the report said.  That was an understatement in some spots.  Finding knee deep/waist deep in some locations was consistent theme through out the day yesterday at Crystal Mountain!  My tool of choice:  The Variants with Liberty bindings (Tyrolia)…see pic above.

I spent the morning with my buddies, one of them being NW Arnette Rep. Jeff Lynch.  He was working on a special project.  We shot a little bit of footage for that, and then I shot some tree skiing photo’s with Powder contributing photographer Matt Small.  I had an idea for a shot in the tree’s, and we found an area that we thought would work.  The result is below.

 [The goggle in the second photo is an upcoming release from Arnette, called the WINDSHIELD.  Official release not till next season.]

photographer: Matt Smalllocation: Crystal Mountain Resort

photographer: Matt Small
location: Crystal Mountain Resort

location: Crystal Mountainphotographer: Matt Small

location: Crystal Mountain
photographer: Matt Small

products in photo:


Arnette_Skylight_Sky_Marben_Signature_Gold-Chrome-540x360Photo-120121104-220951.jpgthorlosdalbello VAR-2013-193b

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