arnette WINDSHIELD goggle review [2013/2014]

Introducing the WINDSHIELD by Arnette……while the official release is not till next season, I was able to get my hand’s on some for review. Hands-down at $70-100 msrp best goggle for the price by far!!

arnette windshield

arnette windshield

The skinny:

Arnette has a new goggle up their sleeve for the 2013/2014 season (yeah, next season), and it is called The WINDSHIELD! This no fuss, no muss goggle is clean and classic. Best part: PRICE!!!! $70-100 (depending on lens)!!!

It has all of the fit and anti-fog features you need to have your all-time day on the hill. The goggle is totally helmet compatible & fits very well with my helmet by Pret Helmets. Seamless in fact. See photo below. The strap has a no slip coating that ensures your goggles stay in place on your beanie of helmet. The goggle comes factory with a no fog coating on the interior lens, and a scratch free goggle/wipe bag, so you don’ scotch up your new lens.

arnette windshield

arnette windshield

the WINDSHIELD at work at crystal mountain resort

the WINDSHIELD at work at crystal mountain resort


The price point for the WINDSHIELD is very reasonable. you’re looking at dropping $65-100 depending what lens you go with. Comparable goggle companies have you spending twice that for their similar goggle.

arnette goggles

arnette goggles. this shot I am wearing them under the helmet, and the compatibility is still seamless with the Pret helmet

A bit about the brand:

Did you know Arnette was born more than 20 years ago in a one car garage in Orange County? Yup, all true. One of the first eye-wear brands to really embrace the action sports culture of the snow/skate/surf/MX lifestyles. Arnette’s snow goggles are inspired by the love for riding and the joy of ripping it with your buddies.



KEY Features:
– Dual Vented Lexan Lens with 100% UVA / UVB / UVC & harmful blue light protection up to 400NM.
– Tuned Light Transmission of chrome lens coatings (only available on chrome lenses)
– F#%G OFF! anti-fog lens coating.
– Cool Breeze Venting System for comfort and fog-free performance.
– Scratch resistant lens coating for increased durability and clarity.
– Triple-Layer Combo-Plate Face Foam with moisture-wicking Polar Fleece for superb comfort.
– Designed for helmet compatibility.
– Adjustable silicone-ribbed strap ensures it stays in place on helmets and beanies.
– Optimized to fit medium to large faces.
– Extra lens available with select frame colors
– MSRP: $70-$100 depending on frame and lens color.


I use the blue IO lens. Great lens for all conditions.

arnette windshield

look at the seamless integration with the PRET helmet



arnette windshield

arnette windshield


Over all the goggle is a great, relevant, classic fitting goggle at a solid price. It has a contemporary feel to it and look. Official release of this goggle is not till next season, so impress your friends, and get it as soon as you can! All in all, looking through the WINDSHIELD you’ll know made the right choice with this goggle!  The goggle is not available for purchase yet.

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