flylow gear TOUGH GUY WORK GLOVES review [2012/2013]


flylow tough guy gloves

Over the years growing up at the local resort, I always remember seeing the ski patrols wearing leather gloves. Didn’t matter conditions, they all wore leather gloves. And rightfully so. Because they work. As do the leather gloves they wore. And on top of that, they last, and they are, well, almost bullet proof.

Fast-forward 2013. Flylow has done it. They branded these rugged and cheap gloves. But really, a truly functional ski glove for only under $30? Yes sir. And it is catching on! Flylow’s Tough Guy glove is quickly becoming a “must-have” for the patrol at Crystal Mountain, my local hill.

This mostly-leather work glove is water resistant for the most part, and allows the user to perform most any work function necessary to get the job done. Whether that be running bamboo, working a drill all day, or setting up ropes, this glove will be there from opening day, to seasons end for all your work needs.
Not a patroller? Me neither. I have found this glove to work especially well for backcountry tours. It is tough as nails, and will keep your hands plenty warm in most any conditions.

Tech stuff: The glove is basically a leather work glove that has been hand waxed and heat treated by the fella’s at Flylow in a secret process known as “Triple baked Sno-Seal™” waterproofing and 60 gram insulation to keep yer’ fingers warm! Warmth wise it will not keep your hands the warmest if your in temps at about 2o deg F or below.

Price point: $20-30

Where to buy: EVO

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