OAKLEY originate jacket review [2012/2013]

What it is: Originate jacket by OAKLEY

Price: msrp $210 BUY BACKCOUNTRY. COM

OAKLEY originate jacket review 2012-2013 from brian hopper(ski) on Vimeo.

oakley originiate review

This Tanner Hall inspired jacket is a prominent player in Oakley’s Pro Rider Series. Style, met innovation, and Oakley calls it the ORIGINATE jacket. The Originate has strategically placed vents up front to let you release excess heat when backcountry hiking opportunities arise.

One of the coolest hidden features of this jacket (besides the Tanner inspired “stash” pocket) is the hidden magenta that keep the hood down when your not wearing it. Huh? Magnets in a jacket? So, the magnets hold it out of the way keeping the hood in place, and not flapping around in the wind. The jacket felt very warm, comfortable, and carried the Oakley quality you can expect. Conditions were 30deg, overcast at Crystal Mountain Resort.

Over all fit-feel-look: Loose fit and longer in length. The look is smooth, and the back has a huge logo blast on it that let’s everyone behind you know what type of jacket your wearing. Why yes, this is an Oakley……to see more on this jacket: Including, photos, info and more, click here!

Where to buy: $210.00 BACKCOUNTRY. COM Get this jacket now before it is gone.

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More photos of the jacket……

oakley originiate review