ZEAL OPTICS level goggle review [2012/2013]

What it is: ZEAL OPTICS level goggle.

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About the ZEAL level Goggles: Brand new design for Zeal’s 2013 line…….they rolled the dice, and it payed off! Zeal was born from a passion of innovation in eyewear, and they have not quit. With the oversized frames trending across the market, the level is Zeals “iron in the fire” in the arena of HUGE goggles!!! And trust me, these things are enormous! Up until I was on the mountain, I thought these goggles would be way too big for me.  Well, I actually still think they are too big.  At least for this skier.  But, after a day of use, they grew on me, and did not look too big with my helmet on….but with a beanie, they looked HUGE!  Remember, it is all about looks!   Perhaps I will get used to the look of these, time will tell.  Click here to READ THE FULL REVIEW on the Zeal Level goggle.