LEKI invader ski glove review [2013/2014]

What it is: LEKI invader ski glove [2013/2014]

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The Scoop: As you know, I am a fan of the Leki Trigger system.  It really has eliminated pole straps!  And the Leki Invader S Ski Glove fits right into the system.  This glove comes equipped with a little loop on the palm that interlocks on the pole (that is the Trigger system in a nutshell).  The glove boast a trendy, relevant design and plenty of features to keep your hands feeling snug and comfortable.  Leki has designed the Invader with a super grippy silicon print pattern, causing you to have a great grip on whatever you need to take hold of.  In other words, what ever you grab, will not slip whether it be a____ (fill in the blank i.e. PBR, ski pole, skis, vitamin R, ham/bacon sandwich from the lodge etc, etc.).

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leki invader glove

me!! kickn’ it out at crystal mountain during the LEKI invader review