SWANY daffy glove 2013/2014 [review]

What it is: SWANY daffy glove [2013/2014]

Where to buy: $65 BUY now BACKCOUNTRY. COM

DAFFY #AX-27 swany reviewswany gloves review

The Scoop: We managed to sneak in a few glove reviews this spring! This is the Daffy. No really, it is! and it is made by Swany.
Swany has been sticking with what they do best for quite some time. And that is make gloves. Gloves done right. Their line is impressive, and for me, so is the name of this model: “The Daffy”! Cmon’, who did not enjoy throwing daffy’s in front of their buddies growing up. In fact, I still do!


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