prêt helmets review! model: effect 2013/2014


Color: Burnt Orange

Price:  MSRP $160  Where to buy:  COMING SOON

It was not long ago Pret was birthed out of the heart of the Utah ski scene.  The business plan:  build a lightweight helmet, limit bulk and excess, and make it look good!  I have spent most of this season in a Pret, and I can say “mission accomplished”!!!  


hiking back up at crystal mt. photo by matt small.

This super-light-weight helmet features a 19 hole vent system.  See photo below of the vent slider.  The slider opens or closes the vent system offering you warmth, yet ventilation.  

The ear flaps contain a “sound curtain”!   How does the sound curtain work?  Well, it is a nice little spot to insert your ear buds, so you do not have to have them in your ears all day on the hill.  Sound quality?  Amazing.  I could not tell a difference much.  Plus, those little ear buds get annoying after a while in your ear all day.




What is VTT3?  This is Pret’s highest performing ventilation system with 13 external and 19 internal vents.  It  is adjustable from completely open to fully closed. The directional front intake vents power the system that draws heat and moisture out of the helmet.  Does it work?  Yup.  Very well.

Here is why it works:  the intake vents feed cool air into the system without direct contact to your head eliminating  the “Slurpee brain freeze.”  Awesome.  

On top of that, abundant ventilation inside the helmet extracts extra heat and moisture.  Plus, for myself being in the Northwest, conditions change quick with the marine climate, so being able to adjust to all conditions from blizzard to balmy is a feature I like!


sound curtain


19 hole vent system


such a pretty helmet


“I love this helmet.  It pops in photo’s and is super comfy to wear all day shooting” -Brian Hopper                                            photo by matt small at crystal mt

prêt helmets review

EFFECT helmet in white shown with the ARNETTE skylight goggle.

Over all impression:  SOLID!  Very light helmet, well-built.  

Pro’s: Seamless integration with the Arnette SKYLIGHT goggle as seen above!

Cons:  It took me a few try’s to use the magnetic clasp on the chin strap, but now, I feel it is easier than traditional fasted style chin straps!

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