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The northwest has been getting hammered the last few weeks with storm after storm after storm!  It has been quite a season thus far! Recently photographer Mike Stolp-Smith and I went deep into the backcountry at Crystal Mountain Resort in search of some remaining goods!

LEKI invader ski glove review [2013/2014]

What it is: LEKI invader ski glove [2013/2014]

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leki invader glove reviewleki

The Scoop: As you know, I am a fan of the Leki Trigger system.  It really has eliminated pole straps!  And the Leki Invader S Ski Glove fits right into the system.  This glove comes equipped with a little loop on the palm that interlocks on the pole (that is the Trigger system in a nutshell).  The glove boast a trendy, relevant design and plenty of features to keep your hands feeling snug and comfortable.  Leki has designed the Invader with a super grippy silicon print pattern, causing you to have a great grip on whatever you need to take hold of.  In other words, what ever you grab, will not slip whether it be a____ (fill in the blank i.e. PBR, ski pole, skis, vitamin R, ham/bacon sandwich from the lodge etc, etc.).

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leki invader glove

me!! kickn’ it out at crystal mountain during the LEKI invader review

Just in from LEKI

My new pole: The Spitfire! This trendy new-school pole design is dominated by neon colors and fancy fonts! The sturdy 16 mm shafts are made of an aluminum alloy of high tensile strength. The Spitfire features the Trigger S system holding a grab works smoother than ever before with the extra benefit of having your poles in perfect position at every time!

Above: Fresh from Leki! The Mountain Double Extreme Glove
Below: Leki trigger system in action


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