Mt. Baker OMG! 100+”?

Yes, it is true!! Believe it.



Into The Mind. An answer to The Art of Flight?

Into The Mind.
My first thought was this is skiings answer to the Redbull Media House film: The Art of Flight.
Perhaps it is. We will see. Either way, got to give credit to folks breaking the mold of typical ski flicks. I for one am excited to see this effort. Especially with a roster including: Abma, Backstrom, jP, DCP, Kye and a slew of others!
Into The Mind is due out fall of 2013.


Labor of Love: the Hot Wax

If you’re like me you wish you had a hot wax every time you went up to the mountain, but like all things, good intentions do not always produce action! However I have made a promise to my skis this year to at least give them a fresh wax once a week.
I have promised to keep the edges free of burs and rust and make sure that they are completely dry when stowed after use!
My skis are always so faithful to take care of me it is the least I can do to take care of them!


An Ode to Old Skis

Well, I finally unmounted some old faithful friends, and attached then to my garage wall (only place wife would allow) as permanent fixtures of good times had together. It was a mixture of emotions as I unmounted each binding, revealing the scarred surface where they once clung tight and secure so faithfully for many years. Turning over the backside of the ski I could remember each and every base wound from bouts with rocks and battles with boulders. I remember late night attempts to heal these wounds with the sweet-smelling medicine of p-tex, and the healing ointment of a proper wax.
Old skis: I owe so much more to you than words could say. Let your proud early -mid-90’s graphics forever glow in my heart and may you stand proud now secured to my garage wall.  Out of the utmost respect I vow to never make you into a chair, a sled, a fence (how humiliating), or any other use you were never intended for. And I promise to never do the unimaginable act of abandoning you to the local Goodwill. Maybe someday we will ride again for perhaps a 90’s themed ski day, but until that day, I will always remember you and the times we shared. Rest peacefully old friends, rest peacefully.


My wall of fallen warriors. MIA: K2 TNC’s, Salomon 1s’s (orange and pink one’s), K2 MSL’s, and many more.