Fanatyk Co ski and cycle shop review [boot fitting] WHISTLER VILLAGE, B.C.

Boots that fit like a glove… art and a science!

A few day’s before my trip to Whistler last week, I had a wonderful package arrive.  My new 2013/2014 KR2Pro’s by Dalbello had arrived (see photo below) right on time (thank you Fed-Ex for your iPhone app), thank you Dalbello!  The following day I packed up the truck for the 5 hour drive north of the border to B.C. and onto Whistler.  I brought the entire box (boot’s and all contents) along with me, as well as my current ski boots.


out of the box

Here are some photo’s of the boot……2013/2014 Dalbello Krypton 2 Pro …..(post punch-out by FANATYK CO)  


photo: brian hopper


photo: brian hopper

As soon as we got to our condo in the village, I tried on the boots (with out molding the heat intuition liners yet).  I could hardly get my foot in.  First thought was perhaps I ordered the wrong size?  Hmmmm.  Well, I have my old boots to use.   Went out and skied day one at Whistler.  I intended to get the boots fitted that night after skiing, but if you know how Whistler go, there is plenty to do, and the night was consumed with a late night game of cards in the condo with my crew.

Next day, skied all day again.  Another great day skiing Whislter/Blackcomb.   But that night after a quick hot-tub soak, I made a point to get the new Kryptons fitted.  I knew which shop I would go to due to the amount of solid 10/10 reviews the shop had received:  FANATYK CO. SKI&CYCLE.  Multiple reviews rated this shop #1 for SKI and BIKE year after year.    I recalled from previous visits to Whistler that this shop carried Dalbello, which was perfect.   Upon walking in the shop I was immediatly greeted with a warm welcome (not bro-talked to data either).  The guys were quick to get me in a fitting chair.  Sitting in the chair while the Heat Intuition Liners were warming up I felt like I was in a hair salon.  All the chairs lined up reminded me of an old-time hair salon for some reason.  A salon for boots!   Perfect.  

example of a boot getting "punched"

example of a boot getting “punched”

The  tech was excited about my boots.  He stated he had not seen these yet.  I mentioned they were next years boots.  I did feel honored to be in next years boots, and the tech was just as excited to be working on next years boot!  Primarily because Dalbello is their best-selling boot at Fanatyk Co.  Thank you Dalbello!

The liners that Dalbello uses are the heat moldable Intuition Liners.  And I quickly learned that they SHOULD NOT fit your foot at all until they are molded for your foot.  Did not know that.  Anyhow, the liners took 10 minutes to heat up.  once they were ready, the technician had me step into the liners, and apply some forward lean.  This took another 10 min’s or so.  The whole process took about an hour.  When complete, I mentioned to the tech that my left foot felt cramp a bit.  The tech suggested to give a shot tomorrow on the hill, and come on back if I want it tweaked at all.  See, what I learned is it is always best to start small and then work up.  In other words, the tech wanted to see if the boots would feel better after a day on the hill, rather than blowing out the boot now.

The next day, I walked by the shop on the way to the gondola.  My feet hurt.  Seriously.  I was worried i got a too small size.  But I proceeded up the gondy, and skied a few runs.  All i could think about was how my feet felt.  Not good.  I skied down to the gondola top terminal, and actually downloaded (have not done that before).  I raced through the village back to the shop.


…..toes feeling TIGHT and CRAMMED! 😦


Taking a break, just re-buckled the boots (relieving pressure)….feet=no bueno.

I was again greeted by the same tech.  I think he could tell what I was going to say as I probably was wearing it on my face.  “Too cramp”  the tech said.  I explained to him the best I could where it felt tight.  He said no problem.  I sat back in the fitting chair.  The tech quickly had my boot off and had me just in the liners.  He drew out some lines with chalk on my liner this time, and took the boots with him to the back (see photo below).

Screen Shot 2013-02-15 at 1.09.37 PM

the back. where the magic happens (click this photo to see their website)

The tech mentioned it would take about an hour.  Luckily I had my shoes with me, so I went out on the town, to grab a bite to eat at the infamous Splitz burger, a recent Whistler tradition!   An hour went fast and I was excited to get back to try the boots on.  Once again, I was greeted warmly by a different tech, and went back to the counter to check on the boots.  And in the same fashion, the tech came out, boots in hand, smile on face, had me sit back in the chair.  I lipped my foot in the boot.  What sweet relief.  The boot fit amazing.  Truly amazing!  I was surprised.  Really, I thought the boot was too small.  Taking a close examination of the boots, the tech was excited to show me where he punched out the shells and liners.  “Try on the other one”, he exclaimed!  Wow!  I really was impressed.  The boots fit like a glove!!  I thanked the tech, and kept the boots on for a village stroll.  Partially because I was so excited about the fit!!!  I even went and enjoyed a coffee at the village Starbucks while wearing the boot (did I  mention I am from Seattle??)!


New boots and Starbucks. Doesn’t get any better than this.


The MAN, the myth, the legend…..Scott.  Click this photo to go to his website.


The boots feeling great back home at Crystal Mountain. Photo: Matt Small


The boots feeling great back home at Crystal Mountain. Photo: Matt Small


Fanatyk co., I love you.


Showing the punch out out boot (skier’s left side of the boot near the “pinky” toe area)


Another shot showing the punch out out boot (skier’s left side of the boot near the “pinky” toe area)


Love these boots….now.


Again, showing the punched out area.

Thank you Fanatyk Co for the amazing boot fit!  I will be back for any boot fitting needs!


Where: Whistler Village


The Boot:  2013/2014 Dalbello KR2Pro