DALBELLO Krypton Pro two (KR2) ski boot review [2014/2015]

What it is: Dalbello KRYPTON TWO Pro (KR2 Pro) ski boot 2013/2014

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“I seriously love these boots!  I have been on them for almost a year, and they are amazing.  Make sure you take the time (and money) to have them properly fitted and punched for your foot.  It is well worth it!!”

-Brian Hopper, founder HOPPERSKI Gear Reviews

The review (written Feb 2013)

The boots: showed up early February 2013 right before I was to leave for Whistler. After getting the boots fitted at Fanatyk Co in Whistler Village, I was set! Wow. Boots that fit like a glove!!

About DALBELLO: Dalbello Skiboots is the only independent ski boot producer in the world. The factory is nestled in the foothills of the Dolomite Mountains in Asolo, Italy. The company has been producing skiboots in Asolo for over 30 years and is the world’s third largest ski boot manufacturer. Podium!

The fit: Boots are a bit subjective of course, but if you have the right size, width, and stiffness of boot for your style of skiing, that is half the battle! The KR2Pro packs a 130 flex and anatomically precise 98mm last to bring expert-level performance and sensitivity to the ski, and better yet, what is below your ski! Dalbello has the Intuition heat moldable Liners in these boots standard, and what a difference that makes to the fit of the boot!! In my case, the boot fitting took about 2 hours+. For more on how my boot fitting went, click here! Truly, this is the most comfortable, best fitting boot I have had.

Target audience: The skier who skis big lines, charges hard in all conditions, and who demands a high performance boot. Dalbello has quite a roster of athletes on their boots from Plake, to Tanner Hall to Sean Pettit. I know for fact the KR2Pro is the boot Sean Petit has been using for quite some time (look for his pro model in 2013/2014, it is sweet!). Plake calls this boot “the most controversial ski boot out there.” Reason being it is a high performance boot with only three buckles! With reason. Less weight, less bulk. And with the Cabrio design (three-piece design) shin bang is minimized and shock absorption is enhanced!
New for 2013/2014: Nothing really changed from the big overhaul the boot took on in 2012. Just color. It is hard to improve greatness!

Dalbello has brought on a more contemporary look for the new KR2, giving it a more modern, sleek look. Further more, they changed the stance in the boot by lowering the zeppa and changing the cuff angle to create a more upright modern stance so the skier can be more skeletally in-line. You may notice this trend in skiing right now. A stance that is a more natural feel to it enhancing your skiing!

Interior of the boot: Inside the boot packs a contoured shape in the heel area, allowing a spot for your heel to seat nicely in the pocket for a stronger hold/better feel! Mo betta!

Tech Talk:
  • A stiff 130 flex provides top-tier performance for expert big-mountain skiers who have a penchant for speed
  • The 98mm last features extreme tapering in the Achilles zone and Contour 4 technology for Dalbello’s most anatomically precise last
  • The Heat moldable Intuition liners create a custom fit for every foot
  • The center-balanced stance optimizes a skier’s natural and intuitive responses for maximum control and efficiency on the mountain
  • Three-piece Cabrio design allows for easy entry and exit, improved comfort, and no shin bang
  • Two interchangeable tongues allow you to adjust the flex while two interchangeable foot boards provide either shock absorption or firmness (I put in the stiffer tongue and the softer foot board)
  • Adjustable forward lean and twin canting provide customizable, dynamic performance
  • Three micro-adjustable aluminum buckles keep you securely strapped in for the ride
  • Oversized power strap keeps it all tight
  • Shell Material: PU
    Flex: 130
    Buckles: 3
    Buckle Material: aluminum
    Liner: Pro ID
    Thermo-moldable Liner: yes
    Walk Mode: no
    Sole: PU
    Last Width: 98mm
    Recommended Use: alpine skiing, freeride
    Manufacturer Warranty: 2 years

dalbello KR2 pro 2013/2014


three buckle system


Krypton logo and Dalbello logo

This boot is a top performing boot designed for top performers. Hard charging, big mountain boot. My favorite boot on the market.

Video review coming soon! Stay tuned.

Pro’s: Super light. Amazing fit. Cabrio design is top-notch. Love it. All of it.

Con’s: Some people may not like that there is no replaceable toe or heel piece. However, it is a very durable plastic that will with stand time. Really not a boot designed to be hiking over rocks or extensive parking lot jaunts.

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More photos? Scroll below. Note: Boot provided by Dalbello for testing/review.


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dalbello krypton pro 2013/2014 dalbello krypton pro 2013/2014 dalbello krypton pro 2013/2014 dalbello krypton pro 2013/2014 dalbello krypton pro 2013/2014 dalbello krypton pro 2013/2014 dalbello krypton pro 2013/2014 dalbello krypton pro 2013/2014 dalbello krypton pro 2013/2014 dalbello krypton pro 2013/2014 IMG_8722 IMG_8724 IMG_8902 dalbello krypton pro 2013/2014

The boots in action at Crystal Mt. Resort, Wa.