LEKI pipe masters ski gloves (2012/2013)

What it is: LEKI pipe master ski glove 2012/2013

Where to buy:BUY now $40 SUMMIT ONLINE (best price!)

The Scoop: Super cool graphic design on the palm, very comfortable neo material with a 60% leather wrap. They fit snug and have two straps for tightening, an “over-sized” Velcro strap (oversized for a “gloved” hand) and a traditional webbing strap over the forehand. The interior of the glove has a very comfortable feel. I noticed the palm had a “grippy” feel, almost causing my glove to stick to the pole handle.

Tech talk: Neoprene warmer weather type glove. Not totally water resistant. But VERY durable, and just all around a fun glove.

Location and conditions: Whistler B.C., and Crystal Mountain Resort. At the time of writing this, I have about 10 days on these gloves, including a trip toWhistler I have used them in 32degF days, and 18degF days, and my hands stayed dry in both conditions. Hands did get a bit chilly the morning of the 18degF day. But, again, these are spring gloves.

Fit: I am an XL in 90% of the gloves out there, and this XL its me perfect.

Pro’s: Love the concept, and the cool grippy surface coat on palm!!

Con’s: It would be nice if the finger tips had the digital sensors for phone usage.

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