AUCLAIR diamond miner mountain working glove [2013/2014]


What it is: Diamond Miner Mountain Working Glove

Where to buy: TBD

The Scoop: This glove is very unique for one reason:  Bambi.  Huh?   The palm and outer shell of this glove is made of deer skin!  Deer skin is actually very durable as you can imagine and it has outstanding elastic qualities!   After all, this is Auclair’s “work glove” with the wide cuff for easy on and off application.  Designed for ski-patrol type work or photographers who both are continually taking gloves on and off.  And with the super warm Thinsulate insulation, your  meat hooks will stay nice and toasty!

Initial impression: I did not think ANY jacket would have cuffs wide enough to get around the cuffs of these gloves…..after all, these gloves are meant to go over your jacket cuff.  My Oakley originate jacket cuffs actually fit around the gloves to my surprise!

Tech talk:

Strap’s:  Web strap for better fit. Fleece inner cuff. Work-type glove.

Palm Material: deerskin.

Shell Material: black diamond cloth.

Lining Material: brushed polyester.

Insulation Material: 3M Thinsulate LiteLoft THL 3 150 gm.

Sizes available: XS. S. M. L. XL.

For Women / Men / Children: Unisex.

Location and conditions: Crystal Mountain Resort, Wa. Conditions: POW!  Early April powder day!  23-25degF.

Fit: Runs a little big. I wore a large. Typically I alway’s were XL gloves. Keep in mind, they may expand a little.  

Pro’s: If you are running your GoPro/or camera equipment, or running a drill for gates/bamboos, then these are your gloves.  These are super durable, super dry, and are very easy to take on and off.  I gave a pair to my photographer buddy, and he loves them!

Con’s: If you are not expecting a larger than life cuff, you will not like the cuff on this glove.  

Where to buy: TBD

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