HESTRA Seth Morrison pro glove review [2014/2015]

What it is: HESTRA Seth Morrison Pro Glove

Where to buy:  EVO  EVO sticker

Price: $184 (free shipping & EVO has lowest price guarantee)


About the Seth Morrison pro glove from Hestra: Hestra has been doing what they do best for a long time.   Since the early 40’s to be exact.  Starting out making gloves for loggers back then to meet the demand for a work glove that saw slingers could use offering functionality, warmth, and dexterity.  Enter Hestra.  Today, they still do what they do best, insert skiers/snowboarders.  So Seth hooked up with Hestra folks to cola a glove that could provide what Seth Mo was looking for.  The glove has protection on the knuckles and fingers so Seth doesn’t get banged up on those euro super exposed lines he takes……. but is still supple, made of Army Leather on the palm and cowhide on the back of the hand enabling dexterity. The glove is wind and waterproof with good breathability. It is available as a five and a three finger model, and in a few different colors.   

Fashion or function: Function.  First glance they look like gate bashing gloves, and they could be used for that most likely.  However, these gloves were carefully thought through to keep your hands warm, dry, and protected, and that’s exactly what they do.  I am convinced this glove looks awesome, but also is equally as functional.  Think about it, Seth’s John Hancock is stitched into the glove for all your buddies to see in lift line, c’mon man!  

Tech talk:

  • Polyester ‘nose wipe’ on back of thumb
  • Cuff zipper for easy on/off
  • Doubled leather on palm for durability (army leather son)
  • Inverted double stitched seams to improve durability and dexterity
  • Cow hide leather on the back of hand, with thick padding
  • Wrist retention straps 
  • Awesome Seth Mo autograph stiched in the back of the hand (who is not a fan of Seth right?)
Pro’s: These gloves will last you season after season after season if you treat them right.  I don’t argue with Seth, or his gloves. If it works for him, it’s gots to work for me!
Cons:  Give them some love.  Make sure to oil them every season.  Hestra starts you off with a little sample of oil for season one, but your on your own after that.  
$:  Your in these deep.  Deep triple digit’s ($184 at EVO) C’mon, don’t your meat hooks deserve to be invested in?  And, as stated above, these will be with you longer than any other glove you have bought.  The difference between these and your gloves:  you will never see duct tape on these, kinda like you never see a broke down Bently on the side of the road. Yeah, like that.
hestra glove review seth
Location/Conditions: Crystal Mt. Resort, Wa.  Blower pow, deep powder.
Where to buy:  EVO EVO sticker
Price: $184
Photos of the Seth Mo Glove doing work, and hanging out: