SWANY daffy glove review [2013/2014]

What it is: SWANY daffy glove

Where to buy: $65 BUY now BACKCOUNTRY. COM

DAFFY #AX-27 swany reviewswany gloves review

The Scoop: Swany has been sticking with what they do best for quite some time. And that is make gloves. Gloves done right. Their line is impressive, and for me, so is the name of this model: “The Daffy”! Cmon’, who did not enjoy throwing daffy’s in front of their buddies growing up. In fact, I still do!

Initial impression: First thought was I could ride the bike up to the mountain, and never have to take off the gloves! Why? Because these look like tough motorcycle gloves. With the knuckle padding, over all leather appearance , and a mean color to them (they also come in tan however), these could easily be mistaken for motorcycle gloves. But will they keep your hands warm and dry? Definitely. Are they functional? More so than most gloves actually! Swany nailed it with a hook and loop tab on the cuff. This loop allows the user to securely grab the glove at the loop, and easily slide your hand in. All those years using my teeth, finally a solution! The gloves also really appear sturdy. With extra leather around the thumb, a burly palm grain leather, and double stitched fingers.

Tech talk:

  • Swany has inserted some high wazzu “Hipora” waterproof breathable insertions to shield you from mother nature. Hipora lets your body heat escape, but keeps out water.
  • LeatherShield palm allow
  • Fully insulated
  • Parts of the glove are made from renewable resources, i.e. bamboo charcoal.
  • Cuffs have a speed tab’s, easily allowing user to uncuff and recuff with one hand.

Location and conditions: Crystal Mountain Resort, Wa. Conditions: Spring like. Temps in the upper 30’s-low 40’s. Far to warm for this glove.

Fit: Runs a little big. I wore a large. Typically I alway’s were XL gloves. Keep in mind, they may expand a little.

Pro’s: Speed cuffs. I really enjoyed this feature. Also, I really like the wrist lanyard that Swany has built in. This allows you to keep you gloves secure with you when you take it off on the chair.

Con’s: I do not like the black color of these. Maybe I am just simply getting tired of seeing black gloves so much, but on the contrary, black gloves really go with anything (outerwear).  As noted, these do come in “tan” as well. Also, the wrist cuff really did not allow the cuff to close as much as I would have liked.  Over all, those are petty things, and this glove is a winner.

Where to buy: $65 BUY now BACKCOUNTRY. COM

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swany daffy glove review

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