liberty skis RETRO LIGHT BAMBOO poles [2012/2013]

What it is:  RETRO FAB! A Bamboo pole?  Yes.   By Liberty Skis.


Where to buy:  EVO

Price:  $100

The RETRO LIGHT bamboo pole by Liberty Skis!  The name say’s it all…..LIGHT! These are the lightest poles I have ever skied with!  Check out what EVO has to say about these poles,it is pretty darn creative:

“……(carbon fiber) it looks like an adolescent robot got bored in math class and wove their robot hair into a super strong mat. If you want the strength and durability of carbon fiber in your poles, but don’t like looking at woven robot hair, then grab a pair of Liberty Retro Light Bamboo Ski Poles and you can have it all. Leather grips and straps with powder baskets fill out this luxury stick, making it perfect for every day on the slopes as well as striking up conversations each time you ride the lift”

EVO, seattle

 I get a lot of folks in the lift lines ask me about the poles, or want to feel them.  Some folks say it reminds them of the poles they used to have growing up.  All in all this is a solid pole, super light weight, and is eco friendly w/ the use of green components.


Cons’s:  The baskets.  They can fall off if not secure.  Solution:   Make sure when they are out of the box, to secure them with a full quarter turn.

Screen Shot 2013-08-20 at 10.09.51 PM

See the poles in action in the photo below at Crystal Mountain of me using the poles.  Photo by Matt Small.


liberty bamboo poles

Screen Shot 2013-08-20 at 10.09.27 PM

Where to buy:  EVO

Price:  $100

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evoMore photos:

Oakley ORIGINATE jacket reviewt 2013-04-13 at 9.18.03 PM

down time while the guys pose

down time while the guys pose

Screen Shot 2013-01-27 at 12.16.22 AM LIBERTY SKIS